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Trey is the Chooser

Posted 4 years ago by Lemuria - 8 comments Link:, posted in the Quote category

I'm the chooser of what we're going to play. I wonder how it got to be that way. I guess it's just my personality. To me, it's like composing, and I really like composing and I don't get to do it when I'm on the road, so it's my little way of making little suites every night. I usually plan something out before we go on stage, and then we change it when we get on stage. It's very rare that we stick to the whole songlist. Or any of it, for that matter. But I choose it, partially by what we haven't played for a couple of nights before.

Trey Anastasio, 12/10/94 interview with Steve Silberman (though note that setlists have not been pre-written since prior to summer 1997)

Communication: Where it's at

Posted 4 years ago by Lemuria - 1 comment Link:, posted in the Quote category

We consider the community aspect and the communication aspect of what we do to be the whole point of it, the whole fun of it. That why we like playing live so much better than making albums. Though I do like making albums a lot, I could see myself getting to a point in my career where, if we could get to a situation where we had a studio near our homes — which we’re working on, we’ve actually built the building, and we’ve started buying equipment — it won’t be long until we have a studio in Burlington. At that point, I could see going much more into the album end of things. But the communication thing is definitely where it’s at.

Trey Anastasio, in a 12/10/94 interview with Steve Silberman

Video of the Week: 1996-10-22

Posted 4 years ago by tmwsiy - 6 comments Link:, posted in the Video category


Anticipation for Madison Square Garden is heightening as the month of December barrels towards the band's second ever four night run at the fabled venue. While picking a Top Ten list of most memorable moments at MSG would yield scores of different responses from fans with all the extraordinary moments there, there's no doubt the "Freakapaug" from 10-22-1996 would grace many lists.

For fans yearning to replay this magical moment or wishing to see what they had only heard about, great news surfaced earlier this week when it was revealed that: IT WAS CAUGHT ON VIDEO! In case you don't know what happens, mid-Weekapaug dancers dressed up in circus garb raided the stage and danced for the remainder of the Groove. Mimi Fishman even joined in on the fun towards the end. Despite relatively poor video and audio quality, the uploader has promised to upload a remastered video (with remastered audio too) along with the entire second set of this show. Hopefully, that includes the encore too! In addition to the fun in the first set, this show featured a spectacular "All Along the Watchtower" encore. It was the second (and last!) time ever played (the first being 1996/04/21). It included more circus dancers along with Buddy Miles on drums and lead vocals. Plus Merl Saunders on keys and Fish on Trey's percussion rack.

Thanks to Bill for uncovering and uploading this fantastic gem!

"Lights Out" Glowstick War on 12/28 to kick off MSG New Year's Run!

Posted 4 years ago by jackl - 46 comments Link:

Our partners at ("GSW") are sponsoring a special glowstick war to fire up the band at the moment the lights go down for the first set of the NYE run at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, 12/28.

Here's how it will work:

As soon as the house lights go down inside MSG, the GSW organizers are going to RAGE the first ever pre-show (that is, pre first note) glow stick war!

The idea is that lights go down, glow sticks go up, the band walks out to the most emphatic crowd response and proceeds to just murder the show with a ferocity we've all been waiting for. This energy will carry through the entire run. will donate $0.10 to The Mockingbird Foundation ( for each of the first 3,000 confirmed attendees! will also be contributing five Show Sticks (soft, thin and super-bright glow bracelets) to this cause for each of the first 3,000 confirmed attendees! GSW plans to hand them out outside of MSG before the show on 12/28, with a little note detailing these shenanigans.

GSW has setup a couple of special discounts specially for this event:

5PHISHNY - Receive a 10% discount and FREE shipping on orders of 5+ tubes!

25PHISHNY - Receive a case of Show Sticks (25 tubes, aka 2,500 glowies) shipped to your door (or hotel) for $150!!

Order now at

Further information at the GSW Facebook page here.

Mystery Jam Monday Part 77

Posted 4 years ago by lumpblockclod - 48 comments Link:, posted in the Audio category (790 listens)

...Aaaaaaaand we're back! Welcome to the 77th running of the Mystery Jam here at As usual, we will be playing for an MP3 download, courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. The rules haven't changed: you need to correctly identify the song and the date to win. Post your guess in the comments. One guess per person per day (with the second “day” starting after I post the hint). The hint will come on Tuesday and the answer will be posted on Wednesday. Good luck...

Tuesday Hint: Two hints for the price of one -- It's not "Bowie" and it's not from '94. Oh, one more thing...WHERE'S RABELDY?!?!?

Wednesday Answer: It's Paaaaarrrrrrrrtttttttyyyyyy Time at HQ!!! The Blog wins the Mystery Jam! The Blog wins the Mystery Jam! The Blog wins the Mystery Jam!!! The correct answer, n00bs, is the 10/15/98 "Reba." I should also point out that this particular MJ was hand selected by @Icculus to "punish the users and make them come to dread the MJ." Of course, this is not the first MJ he's suggested, so make of that what you will. Either way, we'll be back on Monday playing for two downloads.

Support Mockingbird w/ Holiday Shopping

Posted 4 years ago by Lemuria - 0 comments Link:

If you're doing your holiday shopping online with Amazon, start with these links and as much as 15% of your net purchase will go to the Mockingbird Foundation, including Amazon's Cyber Monday Week and Toys' List (both good until Dec. 3rd) and their Holiday Toy List (good until Dec 24).

Even if you buy nothing from those lists, at least start there to support music education for kids, and your own

**WINNERS** Hampton/Winston-Salem Contest

Posted 4 years ago by ericwyman - 17 comments Link:

The submissions have been tallied and we are pleased to announce the results of our Super Mystery Jam!

This was a very tall order using some obscure tracks so everyone who answered really had to put in some work. In all the entries were TWO people who got the Mystery Jam 100% correct...

Congratulations to @RabeldyNugs and @pauly7917 who identified all 5 songs and all 5 dates

  1. Split Open and Melt - 1994/06/21

  2. Tweezer - 1992/12/12

  3. David Bowie - 1994/12/02

  4. Antelope - 1994/05/16

  5. Weekapaug - 1993/03/27

Amazing ears on these users. They have a special gift.

More information including the random draw winner after the jump


Help Kickstart the first Everyone Orchestra CD

Posted 4 years ago by multibeast - 4 comments Link:

For the last ten years, The Everyone Orchestra and its ever-rotating cast of characters has pushed the envelope of improvised music across the world. Musicians from many of the greatest bands of our time have entered Matt Butler's world of conducted improvisation and the results are always entertaining. Jon Fishman of Phish has been part of the EO experience many times, and was enlisted by Matt for the first-ever EO studio project, The Brooklyn Sessions.

Matt assembled a masterful collection of musicians in a Brooklyn recording studio in January 2011 for two days of conducted improvised jams. In addition to Fishman, the stellar group includes many players associated with Phish side-projects. Along with Matt as Conductor, the lineup is: Jon Fishman (Phish), Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band), Al Schnier (moe.), Reed Mathis (Tea Leaf Green) Steve Kimock, Marco Benevento, Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band), Jamie Masefield (Jazz Mandolin Project) and Jans Ingber (The Motet).

I asked Matt how the studio experience differed from being in front of a live audience. "While we didn't have the audience energy to feed off of, the environment was relaxed and intimate which brought out really interesting performances from all the players. I let solos run even longer than usual and let jams go on a little longer too. I focused on letting these master musicians interact and have a really fun time while we created the music. I also pushed the envelope musically and we tried pulling off some really difficult concepts. Some worked better than others, but as a group process, since we weren't 'performing' it was all valid efforts in our time in the 'creative sandbox'."

The completely self-funded project is near completion, but needs additional financial support to reach the finished product. Here is Matt's introductory video for the Kickstarter project, which includes some nice jam segments:

If you donate to the project, you get at minimum a free digital download of the CD when it is released. Higher donation amounts come with even more goodies. For more information, additional behind-the-scenes video and to donate to the project, click here.

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