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Some Thoughts on Trey in Albany

Posted Feb 20, 2011 7:17 pm by Icculus - 6 comments Link:

Just a few thoughts on last night’s Albany Trey show. You can get the setlist here on or on Hidden Track. And you can download the show from etree.

1. The entire acoustic set is beautiful, in part given the audience sing-alongs. Also, the arrangement of Guelah Papyrus in particular is unusual, surprising and charming. I had no idea what song it was before Trey began the lyrics. It has an almost spell-bindingly repetitive riff during the verses, and the chorus ain’t shabby either. If you’re a fan of this song, it’s worth downloading this show to hear it. And it doesn’t hurt that Trey plays Buffalo Bill, of all things, on his acoustic next.

2. Trey -- after explaining why Wading in the Velvet Sea means as much to him as it does (hear the banter for yourself) -- dedicates the song to Tom (with whom he wrote the song) and even bromantically sends his love to Tom, thinking that Tom wasn’t at the show, and then Tom (I think) yells “I’m here!” which leads to some amusing words from Trey. Gotta love intimate small-venue shows if only for exchanges like this. And I also heard (I think via Eric Wyman on Twitter) that the Drifting that Trey played last night was in response to a 5-year-old girl with a sign for it. Precious.

3. Devil Went Down To Georgia with the horns in a bluesy-klezmer arrangement is wonderful, just a riot.

4. The electric set is tight. It made me realize how much I missed Trey band. Jaded Trey-vets probably won’t be blown away by any of the jams, but I just love the horn arrangements, and I don’t think I ever want to hear Ocelot sans horns again. It adds so much to the song. I was never much of an Ocelot fan, but this is easily my favorite version. Hear Ocelot with horns. (And hear Alaska with horns, too, from the Portland 2/18 show!)

5. I am not embarrassed to admit that I was unfamiliar with the “Gorillaz” until Trey’s cover of Clint Eastwood, and think it’s awesome that he covered this song (which I’ve downloaded from iTunes, and am listening to now). If you are familiar with this song, Trey’s homage to its greatness is entertaining, but be prepared to be surprised. Trey’s arrangement is about as true to the original as Phish’s cover of Floyd’s Great Gig in the Sky.

In any event, if you’re still on the fence, check out what Trey’s doing this tour -- if only to hear the horn arrangements and unique acoustic arrangements of your favorite Phish tunes. I’m only seeing the tour closer at the Fox, and now wish I were seeing a lot more shows. $0.02.

Going, going...

Posted Feb 20, 2011 5:45 pm by jackl - 0 comments Link:

Erin Cadigan poster

This poster by Erin Cadigan is one of four being auctioned off on eBay by PhanArt to support the Mockingbird Foundation. Erin's an extremely talented artist who did the official Phamily Poker Tournament poster benefitting the Mockingbird Foundation last fall.

Bidding on this poster auction ends Tuesday evening (February 22).

Erin's poster for the second leg of summer tour 2010 is based on the Virgin of Guadeloupe, the clouds are the venues and dates.

The print measures 12″x18″, comes from a signed and numbered edition of 113 and is printed on 1-33 Champagne pearlized 100# cover 34-113 Cougar felted 100#cover (nice white paper). This poster is number 80/113.

"But wait, there's more" Dep't

Posted Feb 17, 2011 12:15 pm by jackl - 3 comments Link:

Following closely on the heels of yesterday's announcement of the Phish soundcheck vinyl to be released on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 16, Mike announced today that he will also be rereleasing Inside In and Moss Remixes as Limited Edition Vinyl albums that will be available exclusively at participating independently owned record stores across the country.

Nearly eight years after Mike's debut solo release, Inside In, Mike is "unleashing" the album on vinyl for the first time as a deluxe double-LP set. For Record Store Day, Inside In has been pressed on 180g orange vinyl and includes "Minkinetics", "Trinners March" and "Be Your Tape", three previously unreleased outtake tracks from the album (available only on vinyl). Musicians on the album include Jon Fishman, Bela Fleck, Col. Bruce Hampton, Buddy Cage, Vassar Clements and others.

In addition, Moss Remixes, a Limited Edition 7-inch featuring two remixes from Mike's latest solo album Moss (released in October 2010) will be available at participating record stores. The release is limited to 1,000 copies. The idea was not to "remix" the songs, but instead, work with the moments that had lead to the germination of the songs. The A and B sides include full remixes of "Horizon Line" and "Fire From A Stick" (which incorporate bits of original demos, bass and drum jams, and many added extra textures).

For more background information on Record Store Day, click here.

For the Record Store Day website with a searchable list of participating independent record stores, click here.

Kevin Shapiro to speak at seminar in Philly Feb. 24

Posted Feb 17, 2011 11:52 am by jackl - 4 comments Link:

According to the Drexel University website:

"The Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux and Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro will be here for two days of events and workshops. On Thursday, February 24th at 6 PM in Stein Auditorium, 111 Nesbitt Hall (3215 Market St.), David and Kevin will participate in an open discussion moderated by Music Industry Professor Toby Seay.

These two highly regarded professionals will discuss how they've managed the massive recordings and holdings of their archives, how their bands make decisions about preservation and releases, and the impact technology is having on their work.

Professor Toby Seay is a veteran recording engineer who has worked with Dolly Parton, Randy Travis and many others on numerous Gold and Platinum albums including eight Grammy Award winners. In support of this event, Toby will release a podcast that will offer select, released tracks chosen by Lemieux and Shapiro of performances by each band in Philadelphia along with a discussion on why these tracks were released.

The podcast will be available Wednesday, February 23rd from 3-7 PM as a stream via "

'Two Soundchecks' limited edition vinyl

Posted Feb 16, 2011 6:17 am by multibeast - 2 comments Link:, posted in the Image category


In support of Record Store Day, Phish will release Two Soundchecks, a Limited Edition 7-inch vinyl record that will be available exclusively at participating independently owned record stores across the country. 'Two Soundchecks' marks the band's first ever live vinyl release and their first release in conjunction with Record Store Day.

This 7-inch is limited to 2,000 hand-numbered copies, and once they are gone they are gone. The A-Side is an instrumental jam culled from the soundcheck of Phish's third show of a sold out three-night stand at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA. The B-Side is an especially exotic soundcheck from Hartford, CT in 2009, featuring Trey on Bass, and Fish on drums. This Limited Edition 7-inch was created exclusively for Record Store Day.

Two Soundchecks will be available in stores only beginning April 16th, 2011. For a complete list of participating record stores, please click here.

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Dep't

Posted Feb 15, 2011 4:26 pm by jackl - 6 comments Link:, posted in the Quote category

Let me explain the sign situation from where we stand onstage. We see them the first time you hold them up. Yes, we saw the Manteca sign at the Garden. Page and I were cracking up about it backstage. The problem is, if you keep holding them up all night, It blocks the view of the people behind you, so it seems kind of insensitive to everyone else. We saw it the first time, so you don’t have to keep holding it up…you can put it down. A lot of people just hold them up between songs, which is very thoughtful.

The other thing is that sometimes we need to run through some of these songs before we can play them, because there are SO many songs now that even the easy ones sometimes have a little quirk that one band member might forget. It’s usually something small. Like Fish will say that he can’t remember how My Mind Has a Mind of Its Own ends because it’s so similar to other bluegrass tunes. Stuff like that. So often we’ll see a sign, and think “we’ll check that one out tomorrow”.

The last thing is, it’s not very in the moment to be obsessing about the next song while you are playing or listening to the song you are actually playing or listening to, is it? In that sense, the signs are really annoying sometimes, I have to say."

From Part One of the Hidden Track blog's interview with Trey here.

Mystery Jam Monday Part 37

Posted Feb 14, 2011 8:21 am by lumpblockclod - 21 comments Link:, posted in the Audio category (605 listens)

Mystery Jam Monday Part 37

The Blog is back with another Monday Mystery Jam. Fresh off a rare Blog victory last week, we will be playing for TWO MP3 downloads courtesy of our friends at / The rules are simple: you need to correctly identify the song and the date to win. Post your guess in the comments. One guess per person per day (with the second “day” starting after I post the hint). The hint will come on Tuesday and the answer will be posted on Wednesday. Good luck.

Tuesday Hint: Looks like there's no need for a hint this week. And, west-coasters, we hear you. The Blog tries hard to avoid east coast bias both in MJ selection and otherwise. We'll try to come up with something.

Wednesday Answer: It was, in fact, the 6/28/00 "Bathtub Gin," making Control_For_Smilers our big winner. Congrats, C_F_S! Starting next week, the Blog will schedule posts of the Mystery Jam for later in the day on Monday, to accommodate the west coasters. You guys may not get many shows, but you at least deserve a fair shot at the Mystery Jam!
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