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SBIX Essay - @JohnManBand

Posted 4 years ago by pzerbo - 5 comments Link:

Posted by @JohnManBand in the SBIX Essay Contest.

Theater of the Mind

When I was younger I used to sit out on the back porch on summer nights with my father listening to an old transistor radio. At night we could pick up stations from far away – somewhere in upstate New York, sometimes even Canada. It had to do with the ozone-skip, my dad explained, the way the AM stations bounced their signals off the ground. Though he’d grown up with television, my dad was nostalgic about the golden age of radio and spoke of the “Theater of the Mind” in which the listener imagined his own movie based on what he’d heard. I guess he passed on some of that aural appreciation to me. I like to listen.

This past 4th of July weekend I sat out behind my own house, listening – enjoying what may soon replace the American summer vacation: couch tour. The sounds of The Bunny on Live Phish’s stream seemed to be broadcasting from a mysterious and distant land, a land called “The Super Ball.” The Bunny obliterated my interest in local radio. I kept it on all weekend. As long as the internet connection held out I’d be okay, and it was more reliable than AM.


SBIX Essay - @forbins0218

Posted 4 years ago by pzerbo - 2 comments Link:

Posted by @forbins0218 in the SBIX Essay Contest.


What is it?

An experience is born as a result of environmental intake and manipulation. It is the sum total of your surroundings combined with your attitude. To me Superball was just that: new friends, old friends, imaginative escapades, remembrance, embracement, anxiety and fulfillment. I could ramble on about every experience I had, but a few stood out to me that truly captured the event and all its participants. The following are 5 experiences that I will always remember.


SBIX Essay - @douvy

Posted 4 years ago by pzerbo - 7 comments Link:

Posted by @douvy in the SBIX Essay Contest.

Phish has shown me the essence of what I was searching for in music for a long time, and when you get four guys together that really understand how to respond to one another and work towards the chemistry of exceptional improvisation, the experience related is for everyone all at once, and it fills the air and grasps your attention like something beyond us all; a force to be reckoned with.

This weekend each band member infused selflessness into their playing by listening to everyone and everything but themselves to manifest their creativity. The band was able to focus on what the others were doing, and through this, Phish --and everything a part of it, the instruments, the energy the crowd, everything --were able to let the music transcend beyond them. From the opening note of Possum to the closing explosion of First Tube, a mega-blissful experience occurred where judgment of the music being played seemed to be absent on both sides of the music, from the musicians and the audience. And fittingly so, I find it unnecessary to personally judge any part of the weekend from a musical perspective. As a result of this absence of judgment, everyone’s interpretation of Superball was in its purest and most spontaneous form.


SBIX Essay - @tripsforjoeg

Posted 4 years ago by pzerbo - 1 comment Link:

Posted by @tripsforjoeg in the SBIX Essay Contest.

It isn't very often that things fall into place perfectly; that is, unless you happened to be in our group (and I'm assuming several thousand other groups) at Superball IX. So many things went so smoothly for us that it seems as though the whole trip was just a mental projection of my idea of a perfect weekend that started the moment the festival was announced. Our trip timing was immaculate. Our luck was great. Our campsite was green, flat, fun and close to the venue. I couldn't be more completely satisfied with the way everything went.


SBIX Essay - @FlockingInside

Posted 4 years ago by pzerbo - 2 comments Link:

Posted by @FlockingInside in the SBIX Essay Contest.

Secret set, how awesome was it that Phish let us see them

Undressed, raw and private in their own
Personal setting which they created to make our minds salivate,just when I thought saturday night couldn't
End any better they came out again and played the best
Revamped sleeping monkey I have ever had the privilege of hearing not to mention how Chris manipulated those lights. Another treat for the masses was
Ball square, a truly awesome work of magic, put together by some very talented and intense
Artists who definitely knew what was up, I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication the whole experience was like a
Lucid dream and at times I couldn't believe I was really there. I had a blast from the time I arrived until the morning we packed up our stuff and left making sure to
Leave our campsite clean, thank you Phish, for melting my face off, thank you superball for a great weekend, thank you rail for sunday night, can't wait to do it again!

SBIX Essay - @ivy_light

Posted 4 years ago by pzerbo - 4 comments Link:

Posted by @ivy_light in the SBIX Essay Contest.

Nature, History, Music, Philosophy, and Knowledge: The Journey that was Superball IX

Thousands of years ago, slow-moving rivers of ice descended on North America. Along their slow, steady passage, they carved out the earth into rivers of gorges. Pushed forth ahead of them was a nutrient-rich milieu of soil. As the earth warmed and the glaciers melted, the deep cuts they made became filled with the pure, lush, clear water once trapped as ice. And the lush soil gave forth to rich forests bisected by pure waterfalls.


SBIX Essay - @Autoo

Posted 4 years ago by pzerbo - 4 comments Link:

Posted by @autoo in the SBIX Essay Contest.

First off would just like to say that it was a life changing time being at Watkins Glen for the phish festival. I got there and camped in South Dakota I believe and was a very relaxing place to be very kind folks all around each side of you. I've always enjoyed going to phish festivals because I was in a accident in 94 that took the use of my right arm so I look different but seeing as how we are all a phamily at these kind of gigs nobody stares or says anything to you which is a big confident booster for me. Another way people helped me was thinking of ways for me do activities or what not without having to feel different. Ok about the phest first it wasn't bad driving and parking everyone was out to help each other. Also on top of Watkins Glen being so beautiful I was very Glad to see folks picking up garbage using bags for cans and keeping the sites very neat. The bathrooms were really well taking care of as well which is usually never the case. Last I was just very excited to be able to attend see I bought a ticket when they first came out because everyone I knew was all all about going. I was counting on someone to go with for months then they suddenly backed out so I was stuck because I have a handicap and can't do that drive myself. Luckily a friend of mine jumped in and said I will drive and help you out this weekend. People always get sketched or whatever about taking me to festivals or away for nights but I've been living with disability since 94 I was 11 when it happened so I am able to provide for myself now a days. Because of my accident I was in I lost the use of my right arm and have been in pain every day since I woke up from a coma. When I go to phish shows I think its the energy and love and peace that I am able to pull from other people that the pain will go away and will have use and be able to live my life completely free. So thank you to all the phamily that was there and to Phish for sharing there experiences with us.

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