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Posted 2 years ago by Lemuria - 6 comments Link:

ImageWe've known him as ZZYZX (a monicker he adopted from a southwestern road name for his persona on and elsewhere), the guy with the (original) Phish Stats site (and don't miss IHOZ more generally, nor the related page on Facebook), "The Timer" (for recording song lengths, stopwatch and clipboard in hand), and David Steinberg (his birthname, or what we know of it). Now, we know him as author.

David's This Has All Been Wonderful - A Travel Monologue from Summer 1994: The Year Phish Became Phish was released in late April. And ever since Relix dropped a bomb of an excerpt May 7, reviews have been raves, with ratings on Amazon higher than for Puterbaugh's quasi-official Biography (4.5 vs 4.3; gotta have the stats!)

Unlike most of what you may know from him, it's not (much) about stats, but about the man and the experiences. It's a great, smooth read, about a lost time in Phish fandom. Plus, a portion of sales support the non-profit, volunteer-run Mockingbird Foundation. All for only nine bucks!!

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SAMKiND4 Reply
I LOVED this book! Chances are that if you are on this website, you will too! A must read for any Phish fan.
Score: 4
HotPale Reply
HotPale Cool...totally gonna get IT! What ever happened to TPC3?
Score: 0
stimbuck Reply
stimbuck I really enjoyed this book!
Score: 1
Guern Reply
Guern I bought a copy a few weeks ago, and it's definitely an entertaining read. Some real cool stories that helped get me even more pumped up to see the band in the coming weeks. Dave, thanks for sharing the good times.
Score: 0
bananaTrees Reply
bananaTrees Enjoyed it, Definitely a good short read for those getting ready for Summer Tour!
Score: 0
Phishsx78 Reply
Read the fucking book!
Score: 1

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