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Ravinus Reply
I'm never going to complain about new Phish. I've got my 4 year old excited about the release.
Score: 2
noisyjon Reply
Wow. Not too impressed with the "video"...but am digging the song. All I can say is, Bob Ezrin is a master...a genius. Getting Roger Waters and David Gilmour to work together on "The Wall" was one thing...but getting Fishman to sing IN TUNE.....pure fucking genius. Can't wait to hear the rest of it. See ya'll at SPAC!
Score: 4
Clive_Bigsby Reply
Clive_Bigsby Love the song, love the video. Ready to put my Wingsuit on!
Score: 1
akjed Reply
akjed Brilliant!
Score: 0
fromsliptofall Reply
fromsliptofall I am glad they picked the brain of the art director from "Ghosterbusters II" for the video.

Score: 9
TwiceBitten Reply
TwiceBitten After playing this through the nice speakers a few times I can honestly say this is the going to be the best recorded Phish album yet. How you feel about the songs is personal and subjective, but the production is unquestionably excellent.
Score: 2
Piper72 Reply
Piper72 Officially referring to him from now on as E-Z Rin.
Score: 0

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