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phillyPhan1 Reply
Good job Mike. It gets a little weird towards the end. What's with Mike licking the honey off his hand? Like I said a little weird.
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Clive_Bigsby Reply
Clive_Bigsby I love it. Quirky, just like Cactus.
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Fleezer Reply
Fleezer F'n hilarious. Loved it as well...
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Sodito Reply
That is awesome! Love it.
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dirtdog Reply
Love the trip to Dick's!
Score: 3
WickerAndCork Reply
WickerAndCork Holy product endorsements batman. I think I even saw a Hydroflask Growler (a local company) at 1:00 mark.

Nice castle he made, though. She's missing out. Apparently an Alaskan bush queen!
Score: 4
SconyMack Reply
SconyMack Fantastic!! Such a Mike Gordon video. Captures his personality perfectly!
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Ez_and_not_so_Fast Reply
Ez_and_not_so_Fast Amid a slew of oddities that oddly enough still fit together, that parka she's wearing stands out to me as being very anachronistic. I wonder if it's a friendly jab at Winterqueen.

I love this song. I laughed so hard when I saw him polishing the corrugated tin!
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frantic0blivion Reply
frantic0blivion very nice. been too long since we've seen a video from mike. or a good music video in general. but mike especially. totally full of cactus goodness

also on a personal note, it's quite amusing to me that he's wearing my standard outfit now. my how things have come around from the days of day-glo sleeveless Ts & hi-top chucks. sure you don't need a waistcoat & scarf for that desert weather?
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WeatherReport Reply
WeatherReport Very Cool ! This video and the Soulfood Man video, are my two favorites from Mike. It was great to hear "Yarmouth Road" as an encore at Mass MOCA last week.
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Uakari Reply
Uakari What the Cactus?
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SilentHorse Reply
I wouldn't have expected him to go with "ticky tacky" building styles anyway...
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slpingmnky Reply
slpingmnky for a second there i thought gordo worked at home depot, then i realized that if he eats some weird sticky substance he starts to like dicks. That was a great music video though!
Score: 2
teddykohls Reply
love it, I want Mike to make more videos!
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HotPale Reply
HotPale solamente hyphen gordon
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ProfPhan Reply
I think this now begs the question: Which is worse, the song or the video?

Score: -4
SoularT Reply
This is fucking dope! Love ya Mike.
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RunawayJim4180 Reply
RunawayJim4180 With each listen, this sounds a lot more like 311. Not a bad thing, but certainly a bit of a departure from the norm
Score: 2
markblint Reply
Phish Loves Dick's
Score: 0
Drewbedo420 Reply
Drewbedo420 Tripping at Dick's, just like his fans.
Score: 1
SkyTrainWand Reply
SkyTrainWand Dude, that video was awesome. I laughed pretty hard, and I like the tune. Mike is so goofy
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lancey Reply
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lancey Reply
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LoboJoe Reply
LoboJoe This video washed the taste of Down With Disease right out of my mouth.

Excellent work, Cactus.
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