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Tube5972 Reply
Tube5972 Thanks for posting this amazingness.
Score: 2
tomwom51 Reply
tomwom51 Awesome.
Score: 0
Pinhead_Larry Reply
Pinhead_Larry Wow that was insane. LOVE the video guys! The audio by itself is great, but pair it with the visuals and shots of the Garden, you get a great video for an outstanding version of Steam. Thanks for sharing!
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Bozo3 Reply
Bozo3 8:41 - I just love how the camera starts to tremble...
Score: 2
Score: 0
vtspeedy Reply
John Fishman, ladies and gentlemen, John Fishman.
Score: 1
BajaPhish Reply
BajaPhish I see me, great show
Score: 1
Dressed_In_Gray Reply
Dressed_In_Gray @vtspeedy said:
Jon Fishman, ladies and gentlemen, Jon Fishman.

Also, thanks for the vid.
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psuphan Reply
psuphan @Bozo3 said:
8:41 - I just love how the camera starts to tremble...
My group and I were right behind the cameras to the right, and I remember after Steam thinking if this was night #1, we were all in for a HUGE run. This was definitely a highlight for me during NYE MSG '13-'14
Score: 0
IdRatherBeOnTour Reply
IdRatherBeOnTour Great Steam and show for sure but I wish CK5 would do something different with the lights when the fog machines are blasting! Go full dark with Maze style thin beams movin around the stage.
Score: 0
The_Nutty_Professor Reply
The_Nutty_Professor 9:20 - 9:50 is probably the sickest 3.0 Trey I've heard. God damn. I actually wish Fish hadn't hopped in there with his wailing on vocals right then - I think it killed the flow of that epic soloing!
Score: 0
The_Nutty_Professor Reply
The_Nutty_Professor To be more precise, it's that lick at 9:22-9:27.... So. Friggin'. Sick.
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