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Clive_Bigsby Reply
Clive_Bigsby Yes!!! Charlotte, NC!! A year without seeing Phish killed me. This is going to be a great year!!!
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ucpete Staff Reply
ucpete California shaft hurts... still holding out hope though.
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cactusclub Reply
cactusclub We are starting to feel left out over here in the West. Thank God Phish is still touring at-least.
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mr_mangos Reply
In the email announcement, it says "No additional east coast dates will be announced this summer or fall." Presumably, additional WC shows are on the horizon for summer or fall.

Anyone know what the Chinese says? Is it just a listing of tour dates?
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phishyzo Reply
I believe the Chinese loosely translates as "F.U. West Coast"
Score: 4
Fluffyfluffyhead Reply
Fluffyfluffyhead Chinese translation:

West Coast Phu Cough
Score: 3
HarrysHoods Reply
East coaster here... Every single year everybody on the west coast goes "Ugh, I can't believe they forgot about us again. This hurts. Man, screwed again." How?! How can you ever say that, knowing that for the last few years, they've done the same exact thing? First leg of summer is announced, it's heavily east coast. Everybody on the west coast acts as if they'll never see a Phish show again. Then later in the summer, they play the west coast. It happens every. year. I'm aware, us east coasters are lucky, we get the initial run, it's very exciting. But some of the biggest moments of 3.0 Phish has taken place over there on the west coast. Tahoeezer? Holly-hood? Any Dick's show? Relaxxxxxxx
Score: 16
JrPhan Reply
JrPhan Phili and MPP :) local shows!!! South Central PA Phans are for sure satisfied
Score: 1
I wonder what the set up/ where in Randall's island they will be playing. Many memories of a dusty, rainy lalapalozas. The governors ball was really fun 2 years ago tho. Hummmm anyone know what the situation there is?
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TwiceBitten Reply
TwiceBitten not sure if this translation is accurate:

Good Evening.

Please read this very carefully.

You will need to

if you want to become part of the

2014 Fish summer tour. Respect these rules

to the last detail.

{printed page}
Here is what you must do. You must go to the edge of the city. There, you will find him. He will not be like you hope. In fact, he might even be someone you wouldn't look at. He might look like [UNCLEAR] for the local real estate company. But it is him. Ask him something. He will say, "What is it?" You will say "You know... like we discussed." It's very important that you use these words. [UNCLEAR SETENCE] He will temporarily disappear. Although he is leaving, you will examine your phone. Perhaps you exclaim something about the weather. Then he will return your target. Exchanging the target, you will give him the novel "Hawaii" by James Michener. [UNCLEAR] from a child pretending he is James Michener. Once you have your target, [UNCLEAR] this page in order to understand how to rescue our species from extinction. Thanks! You really helped us [UNCLEAR].
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Mr_Incompletely Reply
Mr_Incompletely Festival X in Hawaii is pretty much Kang'd
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MrCactusHood Reply
west coast heavy fall tour. Bring the love back to Utah, let us not forget 7.15.03
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I have a different perspective. Being from Vermont, I wish there were more dates in the northeast. Mansfield and Saratoga are the only dates within even 3 hours of us. Why not Highgate (the Dead played here in '95), or Essex Junction or Amherst or Boston or Coventry? C'mon.

Trey's brother owns Higher Ground and I keep waiting for the boys to show up unannounced in front of 500 people and play a show for the ages.
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Excuse me, it's Trey's brother-in-law, I believe
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phunky58 Reply
Philly back on the list, serious throwdown will ensue. Never miss a Philly show
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umphreak1970 Reply
Not to complain but what ever happened to Phish @ Deer Creek Indiana is way over due 2 summers in a row with no Deer Creek! No Alpine Valley either! Summer just isn't the same without this combo being in the mix! Sorry I`m a bummed out Hoosier!
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phishyzo Reply
ALSO not to complain......but they are WAY overdue for a 3 day throwdown in VEGAS BABY!!! (Pima County Fairgrounds are beautiful in the Fall as well)
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TheMoralizer Reply
TheMoralizer I'm happy if Phish is happy, but it would be great to see more dates in the Midwest. Hopefully in the fall! :)
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neckerachi Reply
This year will be the first time since the 90's that I've been able to spend a week on tour! My girl has really gotten into it since catching her phirst show in 2012. We plan on hitting CMAC, DTE, and all nights in Chi town! Can't wait
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