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Mystery Jam Monday Part 171

Posted 3 years ago by bl002e - 22 comments Link:, posted in the Audio category (1638 listens) presents the 171st episode of Mystery Jam Monday! As usual, this week's winner will receive an MP3 download courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. To win, be the first person to identify the song and date of the mystery jam clip. Each person gets one guess per day, with the second “day” starting after I post the hint. A hint will be posted on Tuesday if necessary, with the answer to follow on Wednesday. Good luck!

Answer: @PersnicketyJim wins his second MJM in the last three contests by identifying the 7/30/03 Chalk Dust Torture -- well done! All-Time MJM Results


andrewrose Reply
andrewrose Sounds like a Gin jam ...
Score: 0
PersnicketyJim Reply
PersnicketyJim 2003...outdoors, perhaps...Bb major (but certainly type II, anyway)...similar tempo and fills as David Bowie...figured Seven Below would be apropos of current idea.
Score: 2
andrewrose Reply
andrewrose Definitely sounds 2.0. And familiar.
Score: 0
ucpete Staff Reply
ucpete ^ Winner. That was quick! Definitely had that Summer '03 sound to it...
Score: 0
andrewrose Reply
andrewrose Nice start to 2014.
Score: 2
newbornelph Reply
Damn! Well done...
Score: 0
mcgrupp81 Reply
Cool jam! Good job Persnickety. I went to the 7/31 show. Crap, rainy weather and driving back to Long Island in a pounding rain half asleep at 3AM. Wish I had gone to IT. It's still hard to believe those shows were over 10 years ago. Really looking forward to another year of the Phish.
Score: 1
fromsliptofall Reply
fromsliptofall Holy shit. I can't believe I actually got one of these. As soon as I heard those trash can lid cymbols I knew. Damn I wish I log on earlier.
Score: 0
bostonron Reply
bostonron Wow, well done
Score: 0
ELevine86 Reply
7/30/03 chalkdust
Score: 0
ELevine86 Reply
Dammit, I finally knew it (instantly)! But didn't look at comments before posting.

One of these days.....
Score: 0
chrowe Reply
chrowe For quick reference:

July 30, 2003

Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ

Set 1: My Friend, My Friend, Lonesome Cowboy Bill, Scents and Subtle Sounds, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere[1], Spock's Brain > Chalk Dust Torture, On Your Way Down, Fast Enough for You > Taste

Set 2: Twist, Bug, You Enjoy Myself, Walls of the Cave

Encore: Secret Smile

[1] Phish debut.

Notes: Lonesome Cowboy Bill was played for the first time since October 31, 1998 (173 shows). This show marked the Phish debut of You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere. On Your Way Down was played for the first time since October 2, 1999 (108 shows). FEFY included a Bathtub Gin tease from Page.

Score: 0
phootyjon Reply
phootyjon So I guess that answers my question as to what show I am going to listen to at work me a 30+min SaSS....
Score: 0
RoundTheRoom Reply
Funny, I was thinking IT Chalkdust. Couple shows off.
Score: 0
antelope76 Reply
antelope76 At first listen, I was thinking 2004... so I wasn't too far off. What a great show and a great week of Phish for that matter!! IT was off the hook!!
Score: 0
SkyTrainWand Reply
SkyTrainWand 7/30/03 and 7/31/03 are in my top 5 shows of 2.0, for sure

those 2nd sets, holy sh*tballs Batman
Score: 0

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