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King_Williamson Reply
King_Williamson Marley at Mount Rushmore... made me tear a little.
Score: 1
runawaydro Reply
Chills. Love this band
Score: 1
steveinboston Reply
I'd be highly appreciative if someone could identify the shows/jams that serve as the soundtrack to this awesome video.... Thanks in advance!
Score: 1
TheDeerman Reply
TheDeerman Ended with the 11.17.97 Tweezer, other than that, I don't know
Score: 1
dr_strangelove Reply
pretty sure the beginning of the video is 07-10-1999 chalkdust
Score: 2
RoverPhish Reply
RoverPhish heard some Fukuoka jams, 7/10/99 chalkdust, maybe 2/28/03 Tweezer, 11/17/97 Tweezer, what else?!
Score: 0
DemandOpener Reply
DemandOpener Definitely the Chalk Dust, as its my favorite jam, and the 11/17/97 Tweezer is also in there. Not sure about the others, though.
Score: 1
MGStreak Reply
For those wondering:

Star Lake '98 Runaway Jim
Camden '99 Chalk Dust Torture
Fukuoka 2000 Twist (On LivePhish release, it's Fukuoka Jam #1)
Denver '97 Tweezer
Score: 7
Rubindawg Reply
Rubindawg Its like watching the last 18 years of my life. Amazing how people I have never met feel like family!
Score: 5
Pictures truly are worth a thousand words.

Moving piece.
Score: 1
Pinhead_Larry Reply
Pinhead_Larry This video was amazing. 30 years' worth of music, pictured in 8 minutes' worth of video. It's truly amazing and unique how much these guys' have changed since Phish's inception.

When my Dad first introduced me to Phish, he said, "You'll never have more fun than at a Phish show." And lo and behold, he couldn't be more right. In fact, like someone else said, I got the chills watching all these concert photos and videos and it felt like I was just discovering Phish for the first time again.

See you guys NYE '43!
Score: 2
walstib Reply
walstib That was really great to watch. Thanks Phish.
Score: 1
forbin1 Reply
forbin1 Watching this the other night at nye was pretty emotional..realizing that half my life I've been attending shows..and seeing some of them being shown on the big screen was pretty cool..A lot of memories were shown..

Might have got a bit misty-eyed...
Score: 2
steveinboston Reply
Thanks MGStreak, and everyone else!
Score: 0
IdRatherBeOnTour Reply
IdRatherBeOnTour Anyone got the pic of them they supposedly showed for the 60th anniversary tour??
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zepphead Reply
zepphead I just watched this video with my 4 yr old daughter, Iyla. It was magical (and challenging) to watch while i tried to answer all the questions she asked me about it!

Thank you, Phish, for sharing the groove. Here's to memories past and good times future.

30 more years.
Score: 1
noisyjon Reply
Awesome video. Who's got my extra for NYE '43??? Love the aging photo, too. Happy New Year Boys!!!
Score: 0
smoothatonalsnd Reply
smoothatonalsnd loved how they did the animations of the old 80s show posters
Score: 0
RunawayJim4180 Reply
RunawayJim4180 I never went to a show in the 80's, but that room at 0:58 seconds in looks somehow familiar, anyone know where that is?
Score: 0
chrowe Reply
Score: 1
forbin05 Reply
forbin05 Great video and very cool to have been at some of it.
Score: 0
tomwom51 Reply
tomwom51 Lucky enough to watch this at MSG. Started to cry a bit. Thanks for everything you've done Phish. I'm truly thankful to have you as my other family. Looking forward to Phish '14!!
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