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Lars Fisk In The News

Posted 3 years ago by Icculus - 2 comments Link:

Former creative director for Phish, Lars Fisk, was recently interviewed about his cross-country exhibition entitled, "Self Storage." You can read the interview here, but get far more than you bargained for, for your self, here.

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shocksmybrain Reply
shocksmybrain Hey the cover shot is 10 minutes from my home! If anyone wants to visit Taos in late Spring, I'll take you rafting down the "skimpy little stream" that is the Rio Grande. Hope for a big snow season!
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fromsliptofall Reply
fromsliptofall @shocksmybrain

I would totally take you up on this offer but this spring I am to be a dad for the first time. I have only really been camping in Western NM (Zuni area) (aside from passing through ABQ and SF, which I loved also).

Lar's blog is cool, wish I had known about this in Oct. would've tried to check out one of the art installations.
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