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Phan Art Interview with Captain Pookie

Posted 4 years ago by TheEmu - 7 comments Link:

Head over to Phan Art to check out an interview by Chris Stowell (@chris_22) with Christopher Pike, known to forum users as @CaptainPookie. Among his many artistic endeavors, the Captain creates paintings for fans based upon their favorite shows, such as this one based on Bethel 2011:

Pookie was among the volunteers who prepared the scenery on the festival grounds at Superball IX. You can read about Pookie's experiences at Watkins Glen here and here, and you can see more of his paintings in his Facebook photo album.

Link to the interview.

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sumacdrive22 Reply
sumacdrive22 That looks very cool!
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Purple_Humpback_Whale Reply
Purple_Humpback_Whale Awesome! very cool @captainpookie! I really like your star lake '13 painting, it's like a gobstopper and the cover of Eifel 65's album Europop lol. fun interview and fantastic Phan Art!
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safetymeeting Reply
safetymeeting I've been a fan of Mr Pike's work since reading "Remember Me" back in the early 1990's. I had no idea he was a phan and such a wonderful painter, to boot. Hats off to you, and I'm looking forwards to the long-rumored "Terror Tour" trilogy, loosely based on a serial killer that was on tour in summer '93 that was 'stopped' by a particularly moving set by Baby Gramps that got inside his psyche and made him 'light' again. Jerry Garcia also was involved with the transformation.
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Mattisupa Reply
Is this a pre-april fool's joke?
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mmetch Reply
mmetch So cool Pookie!! I'm really proud of you.
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WGphan92 Reply
WGphan92 for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, this thread is pretty awesome too. ;)
Score: 1
SlamboMartinez Reply
SlamboMartinez So glad to be greeted with this image now instead of "the waitress" from Hands on a Hardbody.
Score: 7

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