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Paul Languedoc, Master Luthier and Sound Engineer

Posted 3 years ago by TheEmu - 2 comments Link:

Phish fan and webmaster Kevin Spence has posted an interview with Paul Languedoc on his website, It's an interesting glimpse into Paul's work both as a soundman and a guitar craftsman.

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ledzepmaster Reply
ledzepmaster Still saving for a G2.... saving for a mesa mkiii as well though.
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Hydronaut Reply
Hydronaut Paul's guitars are truly unbelievable, incorporating so many different elements of guitars in a way that is still full of character and 100% unique, (in my opinion) surpassing any classic design from Gibson, Fender, and PRS - and staying true to the original mindset this whole time. There is no way I can describe how much I love and appreciate the doc G2, the attention to detail, the craftsmanship, the aesthetics, the play-ability, the overall feel... the perfect electric guitar, bar none. How lucky is Trey and Phish to emerge with the doc essentially exclusive to him/them alone? Thank you, Paul for being a crucial element to what Phish is and has become.
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