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Mystery Jam Monday Part 122

Posted 4 years ago by lumpblockclod - 29 comments Link:, posted in the Audio category (910 listens)

Welcome to Mystery Jam Monday Part 122 here at As usual we will be playing for an MP3 download, courtesy of our friends at / Nugs.Net. The rules haven't changed: you need to correctly identify the song and the date to win. Post your guess in the comments. One guess per person per day (with the second “day” starting after I post the hint). A hint will be posted on Tuesday (if necessary) and the answer will be posted on Wednesday. Good luck...

Wednesday Answer: Congrats to McGrupp81 for being the first to get the 5/26/89 "YEM"... obviously a fairly atypical version. The Blog will return on Monday with another Mystery Jam. Happy Thanksgiving!


bl002e Staff Reply
bl002e Well, it's definitely a 3.0 jam; that's obvious, at least.
Score: 2
napoleon Reply
94/4/11 yem
Score: 0
MiguelSanchez Reply
MiguelSanchez This has dicks 2012 written all over it
Score: 1
LawnBoy0925 Reply
LawnBoy0925 9/24/88* alumni..
Score: 0
mcgrupp81 Reply
5/26/89 YEM
Score: 2
PersnicketyJim Reply
PersnicketyJim Whatever it is it's exposing a gap in the tease chart, 'cause that's My Soul at 0:52.
Score: 7
slaphappy Reply
How come my ears only hears Trey and Fishman? Are they lying to me? No Page, no Mike?
Score: 1
whrdina Reply
whrdina Not Bowie 3/11/88- but that one has a bunch of teases in it- I agree its a Bowie though- from around this period probably.
Score: 0
Jackaroe Reply
7/11/88 Alumni Blues
Score: 0
herbpowell Reply
herbpowell 5.25.88 The Sloth
Score: 0
bbaggins Reply
I thought it was whipping post right away. it sounds like old trey. He's going off like stevie ray vaughan in this. I hear the "my soul" tease. were they playing that song back in the 80's?
Score: 0
jmponder Reply
jmponder 3/14/93 YEM
Score: 0
zipriderson Reply
whatever it is. . it hurt my ears. i am glad that was not my first exposure to phish. i may never have listened more after hearing that.
Score: 1
phootyjon Reply
phootyjon 12/2/1989 - YEM
Score: -1
bl002e Staff Reply
bl002e @PersnicketyJim said:
Whatever it is it's exposing a gap in the tease chart, 'cause that's My Soul at 0:52.

Doesn't really register to me as a My Soul tease -- just a generic blues riff, really.
Score: 1
perpg Reply
perpg there's some guyute-sounding thing happening around 1:45 too...did trey and fish record anything went they went to europe together?
Score: 0
phriendlyghost Reply
phriendlyghost I found that yem after checking a few whipping posts from the 80's...
Score: 0
Poizon45 Reply
Poizon45 Sounded like a Frankenstein in parts... then like Guyute at the end....

It's a guess, but isn't that what we're here to do...

11-30-89, Frankenstein.
Score: 0
JOBOOZOSO Ah, the "Lazy Lester" show.
Score: 0
mcgrupp81 Reply
'89 was a tight year. This jam was produced the same week Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade came out in theaters. Don't we all associate Phish with the quest for the Holy Grail?
Score: 2
PhreeDomRider Reply
PhreeDomRider was anyone at 5/12/92? i think that this is my favorite yem ever
Score: 0

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