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The Fourth Ball (Uncovered)

Posted 4 years ago by ericwyman - 14 comments Link:

In case you missed it, user @LawnMemo has taken on the sizeable task of reviewing each and every ghost, in order, at his new project site "The Daily Ghost". Clearly a man who believes in showing this endeavour the utmost attention, Myke reached out to Brad Sands for some additional info on the unofficial first performance of "Ghost" at his house on June 6, 1997. Brad had this to add about how that gig came about...

Before the band was to head off to Europe they decided to
play a warmup “show” on the back porch at my house
where Pete Carini lived also. There was probably about 100
people there, (probably about 20 dogs) and most decided to
camp overnight. The band actually played 2 sets that night,
both of them being the same set. The tape that circulates is
the second of these 2 sets.

-Brad Sands

You'll also want to check out the full review for a nice cautionary tale from Brad on the dangers of actually having Phish play your backyard.

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Mdawg Reply
Mdawg woo!
Score: 1
spencur6 Reply
spencur6 I wonder what the review of the UIC 2011 ghost is gonna be like?
Score: 1
AmysComet Reply
LawnMemo is awesome!
Score: 1
pauly Reply
pauly very cool!
Score: 0
ronsteen Reply
Great article.
Score: 0
Peezy Reply
Peezy That would be soo baller! I feel like the jams would get even more in touch with the crowd. It would be an easier concept of being "sucked in", and also a very mellow vibe. i would pay a fortune!
Score: 0
stASHdrisc Reply
Keep it up Memo!!
Score: 1
Robert_Zimmerman Reply
Robert_Zimmerman Daily dose of ghost! Memo is the man!
Score: 1
johnnyd Staff Reply
johnnyd Huh. It sounds like me and Brad have the same birthday. Rock on.
Score: 1
phishhheads Reply
sooooo fun. love me a good ghost.
Score: 1
Potato_Sacks Reply
Potato_Sacks Came a long way @LawnMemo. Spinning in TT paid off after all huh. Keep it up brotha.
Score: 0
Feel_The_Bern Reply
my tape of this show is one of my favorites... great ghost, limb, and piper
Score: 0

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