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Video of the Week: 1995-10-21 Harry Hood

Posted 4 years ago by tmwsiy - 3 comments Link:, posted in the Video category

Coming off of an absolutely incredible soundcheck in Dog Log, Phish opened this Lincoln, NE show with the first of what would be three Tweezer Reprise set openers in 1995. Late in the second set, the band takes a pause only to check, "1..2" into the mic. They quietly start playing "Beat It" for a few seconds, until Fishman gives the signal to drop into Harry Hood. Trey does a bit of dancing on the stage and a few Beat It teases later, we are well on our way through the song. The chessboard sits quietly above the band as they enter the next segment of Hood. Nothing fancy, but good old Harry brings us right into "You can feel good." Overall this is a great show that's definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. Most of the video is available on – Hope you all have a great weekend!


switz Staff Reply
switz Part II is here, folks.

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ckess22 Reply
ckess22 Love this show...right in my's time for phish to return to the cornhusker state!
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Peezy Reply
Peezy Dank show for sure! love the soundcheck, love the hood, love the yem. Even though 1995 was B.C, they still had some funky jams.
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