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Trey on the Timer

Posted 7 years ago by phishnet - 1 comment Link:, posted in the Quote category

Once there was a guy called ‘The Timer.’ He stood in the front row at every show. He had a clipboard and a stopwatch. He was a brilliant math researcher, getting his Ph.D. at someplace like MIT. Whenever we started to play, he would start his stopwatch. His idea of quality was length. Whenever the jam wasn’t long enough, he would shake his head disapprovingly. So we had to ask him to not stand in the front row anymore. I have since heard that he is still timing everything, but just from the back of the hall

Trey Anastasio, to SonicNet, c.1994


Dressed_In_Gray Reply
Dressed_In_Gray It's a shame no one has commented on The Timer. His actions were legend back in the day. I knew of him before even attending a show, in the days before everyone was online.

In some perverse way, this guy made me more confident that I was on to something special during my intro to Phish. I realized that although this guy may be this meticulous in other aspects of his life, here he's actually paying to act this way. This must be one hell of a band, I thought.

Turns out we were both right.
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