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Alpharetta Live Stream Delayed due to Thunderstorms

Posted 4 years ago by tmwsiy - 9 comments Link:

Tonight's live stream from Alpharetta, GA has been postponed until 8:00 pm due to thunderstorms in the area.

Though last night's show didn't start until after 8:00pm, the stream went live at 7:00pm. Phish tweeted, "We will not be starting tonight's Phish stream until 8PM EST due to thunderstorms"

Presumably, this means the show will start later than last night's 8:15pm start time to allow for people to get the stream working properly after it goes live. EDIT: Live as of 8:10pm enjoy!

Reports from the area indicate a ferocious storm with heavy rain, high winds, and even some downed trees.

Read On for Pictures from venue.

Pictures from the venue:

from: @SonuvaMitch

from @tourtweet:

from @weavech:

from: our own sethadam1:


Sneknsally Reply
Can we say deer creek 09 or polaris 2000.
Score: 0
tmccracken79 Reply
The shake down is RUINED!!!! now where will we live?? or buy veggie burritos????? WHY GOD WHY?
Score: 0
WiscoCush Reply
WiscoCush The storm in 2K @ Polaris WAS pretty crazy.
Score: 0
757phan Reply
757phan Looks fun.
Score: 0
guschiggins Reply
my ez up looked like that after dc 09 only it was wrapped around a tree
Score: 0
phisherman Reply
pretty crazy looking. who would of guessed a first set water in the sky?
Score: 0
j_mosk Reply
j_mosk that does look fun
Score: 0
HarpuAdam Reply
HarpuAdam Wasn't at Polaris, but Deer Creek 09 was a sprinkle compared to last night! I was pretty concerned about tornados.
Score: 0
harpua9000 Reply
Those "-Ups" weren't lookin' too "EZ", that's for sure! For those of us who stayed, HOLY JIM, what a second set!!!!!!! The boys were so ON! That Phunky Bitch got me pregnant!! This was my first show since Oak Mtn. '01, and I wasn't givin' 2 shakes off a piss about the hail smackin' me in the face! Roses> Timber> 1/2 Mound> freezing cold=worth every second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Score: 0

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