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Ready for Couch Tore?

Posted 5 years ago by tmwsiy - 8 comments Link:

Ready to have your couch tore to shreds by Phish with three shows from Colorado?

Check out the Coach Tour streaming FAQ's here: Couch Tour FAQ!

In a nutshell, if you can watch the sample videos from LivePhish from this summer with good results, your stream will work just fine tonight.

Ten things to remember for Couch Tour Streaming:

  1. You need latest version of FlashPlayer on your system
  2. You need to enable JavaScript
  3. You need to enable cookies in your browser
  4. You should use a wired connection for best results
  5. You need a minimum of 1.5 Mbps download speed for adequate results. Check speed here.
  6. Single shows purchases are $14.99 while the three show package will be $34.99
  7. Live streams start at 9:00 pm Eastern
  8. To purchase the streams, go to LivePhish
  9. To view the shows, log into your account and go to "My Stash
  10. If you experience any difficulty with your purchase, head over to LivePhish customer support

Remember, keep the venue clean and pack out your trash.

Enjoy the streams!

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Edgar2 Reply
Have fun and take solace in the fact that everybody in the state of Georgia (who doesn't live in snobby, rich and extremely inconvenient) Alpharetta hates going to Verizon Amphitheater. There's no good way to get there, no option for public transportation and the sound sucks compared to centrally located, convenient Lakewood.
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zappafrank1 Reply
Thought it was hilarious that the Phish Facebook page said "#CouchTore"
Score: 1
joechip Reply
joechip Funny stuff, and makes me feel better about my dog's misbehavior! She's yet to eat a couch.
Score: 0
Gumbo_Guy Reply
Gumbo_Guy Is the 7:00 pm starting time eastern standard time or central?
Score: 0
tmwsiy Staff Reply
tmwsiy @Gumbo_Guy said:
Is the 7:00 pm starting time eastern standard time or central?
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_rrot_ Reply
Neither. We're on daylight time not standard now. /wiseass
Score: 0
tmwsiy Staff Reply
tmwsiy 11:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time | Tuesday, June 14

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cabalist Reply
How long have the shows been running this tour? Or, when do you think the show tomorrow will be finished?

We will be leaving the Alpharetta show on 6/15 to head back home and I am wondering if we will have time to stop by La Fonda's (awesome Cuban food in ATL) before they close at 11:00...?

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