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Bethel (the venue/town) praised by phans

Posted 5 years ago by jackl - 1 comment Link:, posted in the Quote category

We rolled into Bethel early friday morning, and from then until we left this morning we encountered only friendly citizens embracing our community. A very special thanks to the people of bethel, the staff at bethel woods, the state troopers and anyone else I am forgetting. We had a great time ans sincerely hope we get the opportunity to visit again..."

@phleahman, from a mobile post to the forum (05/30/2011 04:27 pm)


From a weekend wrap up story in today's (5/31/11) Times Herald-Record by Victor Whitman:

"Things went so smoothly at the three-day festival at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts that Bethel Supervisor Dan Sturm gushed Monday about the "phans."

He said he even witnessed them cleaning up campsites and picking up garbage from the road.

"The crowd was unbelievable, friendly, law-abiding," Sturm said. "We had them cleaning up after themselves."


B_rye Reply
Agreed. With all of the chaos I had been reading about with Yasgur's farm, I was expecting to be walking into a disaster area. That could not have been further from the truth. I hope we get the pleasure of seeing our favorite band in such a beautiful place again.
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