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Why you might like Phish (for noobs/geeks))

Posted 5 years ago by jackl - 7 comments Link:, posted in the Quote category

If many of these are true, there’s a good chance you’ll like Phish:

You love music, you listen to a lot of music, and you feel noticeably happy and energized whenever you get into a new album or band.

You love musical complexity, and you’re not crazy about the lack of it in today’s pop music.

You consider most modern pop music “overproduced”.

You don’t easily tire of the songs you love and hear often.

You’re a sucker for a good electric-guitar solo. Your favorite part of one of your favorite rock songs is the quick little guitar riff toward the end, and you wish it was longer.

You prefer to buy and listen to full albums rather than singles. (Bonus points if you rarely use shuffle, preferring to listen to songs in album order.)

You need a lot of music to fill long periods, such as listening in headphones while working at a computer all day."

Marco Arment, a web and iPhone software developer (Instapaper) from his blog article "Geek Intro to Phish".


sethadam1 Staff Reply
sethadam1 I emailed Marco to introduce The Mockingbird Foundation. Hopefully, he'll see that the existence of a 100% fan run charity is another compelling reason to check out Phish!
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The_Gamehendge_CD_Rom Reply
The_Gamehendge_CD_Rom " You love musical complexity, and you’re not crazy about the lack of it in today’s pop music.

You consider most modern pop music “overproduced”."

These points are arguable.
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maxwellpolak Reply
maxwellpolak I just love the music because i enjoy the work and effort they put into their music. Its not some gay ass kindergarten beat and then a dude rapping on stage. They have talent and they are so good at showing it off. I love becoming hypnotized by their long jam sessions. They just have talent and can play their instruments extremely well.
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Phreaksbasket Reply
That list is strange, but after listening and touring over 18 years, Phish is Phish
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ColForbin Staff Reply
ColForbin I love Instapaper, and love that the developer is a phan. Later in this essay he says that current Phish is the best ever, which is just crazy IMO.

He posted a screenshot to his twitter feed of the entire summer tour on pre-order. So he is definitely obsessed.
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sholberg Reply
i agree with all the points you have made. once i came to realize the complexity of the music i fully appreciated it.
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PhanArt Reply
PhanArt perfect points. shared it with a couple students of mine
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