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Proto-ambient jam at early soundcheck related

Posted 5 years ago by jackl - 3 comments Link:, posted in the Quote category

I never understood Phish, the rock band that I will always associate with vacuum cleaners and trampolines.

But Phish bass player Mike Gordon in 2002 told me an awesome story about a soundcheck the guys had before playing The Chance in Poughkeepsie years ago:

”My favorite moment at The Chance — no one was in the room during a soundcheck. Fishman and I were sleeping in a van right by the stage door and someone came to get us. We got on stage and both of us were still in alpha stages, still in a dream state, and we played really steady bass and drums, unvarying but very hypnotic. Sometimes sound checks were more hypnotic and mesmerizing than the gigs. Trey and Page did a very ambient … they did these very light, very fluttery patterns over steady bass and drums. It was one of the best musical experiences ever.”

johnbarry at the Poughkeepsie (NY) Journal blog "Sonic Storm" (5/25/11)


sharininthegroove09 Reply
sharininthegroove09 I've always loved the soundchecks. I hope we see more of them from 3.0 surface, from what I have heard from them (Festival 8, Hartford, Greek) they have been great. Maybe we will see one from Watkins Glen to honor the Grateful Dead's amazing "soundcheck" from '73 Superjam.
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23932173217hy Reply
23932173217hy Has that sound-check surfaced??? ..... The Hartford Lampost soundcheck is a good one
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mgouker Reply
mgouker Wow, neat! I would so love to hear this. If Mike thought it was good...
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