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Sing for Mike @ 6/3

Posted 5 years ago by Lemuria - 3 comments Link:

Scott Anderson is leading an effort to sing "Happy Birthday to You" to Mike when the band walks on stage for the first set of the 6/3/11 show, his 46th birthday. Check out the Facebook page and flyer.

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highhat Reply
highhat 46 (birth)days opener??

If we sing "Happy Birthday" LP will suffer from copyright infringements. I suggest we sing the Chi Chi's version of "HB" so we're not inevitably taxed by the Hill legacy..

Happy happy happy birthday!
Happy happy happy birthday!
Happy happy happy birthday!
To you!
To you!
To you!
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relax_ Reply
relax_ Or we can say F-it, and go full-on motown, Stevie Wonder style

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