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Mike Printup talks up Superball IX

Posted 5 years ago by jackl - 6 comments Link:, posted in the Quote category

This is going to be the festy of the east, and we all know that. Come prepared, get here early. Get here as early as you can. I think we will have the campground open Thursday morning, so it gives you a day and a half before they even start performing. Hit the town- we've got a nice huge Wal Mart in town, so you can stock up on all the good stuff you need for the weekend. Bring your party shoes and let's go!"

From an interview with Watkins Glen International President Micheal Printup in the Binghamton Examiner (4/6/11)


LawnBoy0925 Reply
LawnBoy0925 Hit the town..... we've got a nice huge wal-mart???? are you serious guy? is he trying to destroy his town?
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lbag420 Reply
lbag420 F#$% Wal-mart!!!
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bobbomartin Reply
I did this interview. He's really excited about this festival and is actually really pumped to have Phish and the fanbase at Watkins. This should be awesome
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LawnBoy0925 Reply
LawnBoy0925 I'm not saying he isn't excited about the fest..... just hit the local shops/vendors up first.... use walmart as a last resort. or not at all.
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Boseiphious Reply
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