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Posted 6 years ago by jackl - 6 comments Link:, posted in the Quote category

Let me explain the sign situation from where we stand onstage. We see them the first time you hold them up. Yes, we saw the Manteca sign at the Garden. Page and I were cracking up about it backstage. The problem is, if you keep holding them up all night, It blocks the view of the people behind you, so it seems kind of insensitive to everyone else. We saw it the first time, so you don’t have to keep holding it up…you can put it down. A lot of people just hold them up between songs, which is very thoughtful.

The other thing is that sometimes we need to run through some of these songs before we can play them, because there are SO many songs now that even the easy ones sometimes have a little quirk that one band member might forget. It’s usually something small. Like Fish will say that he can’t remember how My Mind Has a Mind of Its Own ends because it’s so similar to other bluegrass tunes. Stuff like that. So often we’ll see a sign, and think “we’ll check that one out tomorrow”.

The last thing is, it’s not very in the moment to be obsessing about the next song while you are playing or listening to the song you are actually playing or listening to, is it? In that sense, the signs are really annoying sometimes, I have to say."

From Part One of the Hidden Track blog's interview with Trey here.


MiguelSanchez Reply
MiguelSanchez that's a good interview. it answers a few questions that i've seen pop up in the forum, signs, setlists, etc.
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forbins0218 Reply
forbins0218 Ha ha ha ha ha! This is great!
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Waterboy Reply
What about yelling out songs between songs! TELA! For example. :o)
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roybelly Reply
roybelly I guess I just don't get it...people being aggressive about their setlist agenda. I can only imagine how irritating it can be when the band is trying to express a particular mood with a set of tunes, only to be derailed by the "freebird" phenomenon, whether it be signs or shouting. As long as people respect the performance, I don't mind. However, I hope hearing it from the "horses mouth" will convince some folks to ease up a bit.
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MellowMoodinFL Reply
The song requests, whether they be via sign or shouting, are getting out of hand. I'm glad Trey addressed this. Notice out of the entire portion of the interview he gave most attention to this sign isssue. Its obviously distracting Trey and the band. I get annoyed too. How about we just let the band play what they want to play.
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MellowMoodinFL Reply
...woops, meaning if you are first few rows. anyway, its all good, having fun with some sick music is what its all about. that MSG Manteca was great. trey is the best, phish is the best band now...
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