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Hands on a Hardbody casting call

Posted 6 years ago by jackl - 6 comments Link:

"Hands on a Hardbody", a new musical Trey and songwriter Amanda Green ("Burn that Bridge", "Summer of 89", "My Problem Right There") collaborated on for the music, will be opening in Manhattan in March for a three-week run. The show is produced by the La Jolla (California) Playhouse company and directed by Neil Pepe.

According to the article on the show biz site, the musical is based on a documentary about contestants trying to win a hardbody truck by being the last person standing with his hands on the truck, like the Survivor immunity challenges. The producers casting the show are looking for singers who "should have authentic, skilled country/folk voices and genuine acting chops. It is a strong ensemble piece."

'The varied characters include a Texas disc jockey who has a garage band; a manager at a car dealership; a returning champ who spins tall tales; an aging ex-oil rigger; a Louisiana ladies' man; an Iraq war vet; a young, unemployed oddball; a long-haul trucker, a poor man with a loving wife and eight kids; a psychology professor who is an expert on sleep deprivation; a soft-spoken Latino kid who aspires to college; a female marketing director at the local Nissan dealership; a tomboy who can belt to a D; a middle-aged woman of faith; and a former cheerleader."

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Icculus Staff Reply
Icculus I'd fly 2500 miles to see Fish in any of these roles.
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jackl Staff Reply
jackl LOL
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Lemuria Staff Reply
Lemuria Yeah, but for which role will you be auditioning, "Icculus"?? My money's on "returning champ who spins tall tales".
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757phan Reply
757phan This would be an awesome thing to go to. I remember thinking during the International Meatstick Extravaganza on NYE I remember thinking how theatrical like the whole deal was. Does that mean Trey is working on this musical right before and during his tour? Very cool of him if that is the case. Thanks for posting this.

*Edit: You mean the Summer of '89. Is that in the musical as well? I liked reading on the site that Burn That Bridge and My Problem Right There were both in the musical.
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jackl Staff Reply
jackl Thanks for the edit, @757phan! Easy to let miss typos when blogging! It is cool that Trey is collaborating on a musical score, especially something as "quirky" as the subject matter of this play. I hope it sees the light of day and we can get to see the whole production sometime.
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MrBlood Reply
MrBlood If you haven't seen this documentary, you should. It is really, really good. That being said, this might be one of the most bizarre musicals ever made.
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