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Introducing J-Card View

Posted 6 years ago by sethadam1 - 10 comments Link:

Last week, we unveiled J-Card Mode on The response was overwhelmingly positive, especially given that it was a "throwaway" feature - meant more for entertainment than utility. It didn't add anything new to the experience, it was solely intended for fun. We didn't expect to receive the amount of feedback we did, and we certainly didn't anticipate the number of requests for a true "J-Card" view of setlists.

In retrospect, it only made sense for us to follow through on the concept. We should have anticipated the demand for the throwback tape inserts. Alas, a few days later, we're delivering it. Today I'm releasing "J-Card Setlists." Yes, the name is similar to J-Card Mode and perhaps even a bit confusing. The challenge here is that some will want shorter song titles but not the altered setlist view, so we're making them optional. Starting right now, you'll see a new option on the setlist page called "Show J-Card Setlists." When you click this link, individual setlists will now display as follows:

J-Card View

This feature is new and still in unofficial testing. It does some weird things when you're viewing incomplete sets and only approximates an actual j-card so much. But we hope you find it as entertaining as we do, if only for the novelty.

Note: This feature currently is disabled in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and below. The styling requires features that do not work.

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gankmore Reply
gankmore When copying and pasting from the setlist page now you get both sets on top of each other

Set 1: My Soul, Tube > Runaway Jim > Foam, GuelahGuelah Papyrus > DividedThe Divided Sky, Round Room > Walk Away > JibbooGotta Jibboo > Reba[1], WotCWalls of the Cave

Set 2: C&PCrosseyed and Painless > Twist[2] > Simple, Sneakin' SallySneakin' Sally through the Alley > MakisupaMakisupa Policeman[3] -> BowieDavid Bowie

Encore: Fee[4], Frankenstein

Is that by design?
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sethadam1 Staff Reply
sethadam1 @gankmore said:
When copying and pasting from the setlist page now you get both sets on top of each other [...] Is that by design?
Which browser? Your browser is copying hidden text.
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gankmore Reply
gankmore Firefox. Thanks.

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wattznext Reply
wattznext Holy. Crap. This is awesome!!!
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brookswilliams Reply
Doesn't appear to be working at all in Chrome
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roybelly Reply
roybelly I love the font.....that perfect all-capital-letters look that would please even the most OCD taper....none of the letters touching the lines....very tight.
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Dressed_In_Gray Reply
Dressed_In_Gray Wow, it just gets better and better. The font and the card design are great. Keep up the great work you Phish.netters!!!

It looks especially cool on long sets like 2/20/93 :)
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deceasedlavy Reply
Awesome idea, but it's not working at all on my firefox...
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flatblackK Reply
flatblackK i can barley see the words... i guess ill invest in some speccccs haha
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gankmore Reply
gankmore The copy and pate problem in Firefox has been resolved! Thanks guys!
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