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Inflation goes BDTNL?

Posted 5 years ago by jackl - 5 comments Link:, posted in the Quote category

[Inflation] has been going backwards down the number line for the better part of two years now.”

CNBC Correspondent Dan Greenhaus, who according to the New York Times blog today, peppered his January 24 financial broadcast with numerous references to Phish songs to illustrate financial concepts. According to the Times blog, the song references "sailed over" the head of Greenhaus' co-anchor, and the correspondent gave phans a heads up with a post to the PT forum to "put on CNBC now".


smoothatonalsnd Reply
smoothatonalsnd so when are we gonna see youtube of this?
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thelastg Reply
sorry 2:05 for fefy and 6:18ish for free
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gottajibboo27 Reply
another video with nicu and strange design quotes is on youtube also
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hpHood Reply
hpHood Dan u da MAN
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