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Phish and DMB this summer?

Posted 6 years ago by zzyzx - 7 comments Link:

Dave Matthews Band bassist Stefan Lessard tweeted this:

DMB & Pearl Jam or DMB & Phish?”

The funny thing is that both Phish fans and Pearl Jam fans have been tweeted back “Pearl Jam.” The rumor mill is suggesting that this is perhaps for Watkins Glen, the proposed AC festival, or (please let this not be so and let us have a real run there) the Gorge. It’s interesting if nothing else.

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paddycabes Reply
paddycabes God, at least not at the glen. I'm really looking forward to a 4-day Phish only throwdown.
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newyorkgumbo Reply
Ither one of those bands would really put a damper on the vibe. Not only that, but un phriendly fans... ugh.. please no
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Corey Reply
Corey Honestly??

You guys sound like a bunch of whiny high school @$^!@.

Either one of those two combination's would be great! Dave is a great band with a lot of talent even thou I prefer Phish 9 our of 10 times.. And Pearl Jam is also a really great band.. So whatever goes down, i always like when Phish shares the stage w. anyone except Jay-Z or Kid Rock. (and Bruce Springsteen.) so.. almost anyone. I think for a one-off somewhere for Dave and Phish to share a stage would be great. specially if they worked it like a moe./umphrey's thing. with a dmb > phish > dmb > phish thing and multiple sit-ins and what not. Musically it would be ASTOUNDING!! and "drums" with Carter and Fishman?!? Forget about it! What's not to like about that?!?!?

I don't go to concerts for the fans, the lot scene, or whatever.. one thing and one thing only compels me to go to a concert venue: the music. anything else is a by-product.

It's a shame that this probably won't go down. would've been a really awesome night of music. like those rare concerts back in the day with completely amazing line-ups that only happened "once in a lifetime"
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Corey Reply
Corey ...i know they've played together in the past... but i don't think either band has done a complete show w. other (outside of dave/trey collaborations) since god knows when, so it would kinda be new again. fresh. out of the box. smell like plastic.
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