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Today, we're very excited to announce another great enhancement on the site. Recently, as some of you net-savvy folks may be aware, we've had several outages with our blog. Our blog is was hosted over at Tumblr, a startup microblogging service. We've enjoyed partnering with Tumblr, they have an awesome and simple interface and a lot of great ideas, but a combination of factors including flaky reliability and lack of integration ultimately led to the decision to bring our blog in house. So, today, we're unveiling our new blog.

You will now be able to comment on our blog entries using your account. Your profile will track your blog comments just like your other comments on the site. And, perhaps most importantly, the experience will be consistent throughout

For a limited time, the blog archive will be available at Our goal is to import those entries into our blog here and eventually, phase out the old archive.

Don't worry, none of your favorite features are going away! We'll still post images, videos, and our weekly Mystery Jam, as well as feature articles by the staff.

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ColForbin Staff Reply
ColForbin Great! Does this mean the mystery jam will work on iOS devices now? (i.e. things without flash)
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sethadam1 Staff Reply
sethadam1 Yes! The Mystery Jam should now work on iOS devices or any device/browser that supports HTML5 audio and mp3. In time, if it's clear that most browsers support Ogg formats, we'll consider transcoding into Ogg Vorbis as an alternate audio stream.

If your browser doesn't support HTML5 audio, it should offer a download link.
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